3 ways to give your husband fantastic head in the morning

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Marriage is just like any other relationship. It needs love, care, support, unity and even S3@.x:’ to make it last. All factors of a relationship should be included for it to be strong.

S3@.x:’ is the one factor some couples get shy with. The fact is, men like head and always will. If you are a lady who is open to giving head, this should not end in your marriage.

S3@.x:’ in marriage should be spontaneous, exciting and adventurous. Giving your husband head can be fun for you too and not just a tedious chore.

Giving him head in the morning is a good way to switch it up, especially if he has his ‘morning wood’. here are three ways to surprise him with fantastic morning head:

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1. Don’t be afraid to go deep

head 33

When you give head, you can switch it up a bit. Use your normal technique that is successful and include deep throat as well. Keep pushing and controlling your gag reflex till you take all of your husband’s manhood in. He will love every bit of it.


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