5 signs that a woman is not a v!rgin

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Apart from the signs you might be aware of when judging your girl if she is a virgin, I promise you there are other signs to look at for clarification. To be more specific there are marks in a virgin Girl’s body to note include:

1. F0rehead

A girl who is still pure has a smooth forehead. After intercourse, the slippery smooth face is always lost and some twitch (lines) will appear. The lines don’t look like the ones brought by old age. The lines cannot be removed by any face lotion or oil. It is not easily visible but can be noticed when she laughs or talks.

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2. Nose

The tip of her nose is reddish in colour if she is a virgin. If you touch the tip of the nose it appears red. Sometimes the colour is not easily visible. After intercourse, the red colour disappears.



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