Here are some wonderful Christmas poems you can send to the special man in your life this Christmas.


1. Although you drive me crazy

When you leave around your dirty socks

I hope you realize that in my heart

You are the only one who owns a lock

During this Christmas season

I want you to know how I feel

The love between the two of us is incredibly real.


2. During Christmas Day and Christmas eve

We think about those people for whom we are most grateful

During this special time of the year

I hope you know that

It is for you whom I am most thankful


3. Merry Christmas to you, my darling

This year is quickly coming to an end

While another is approaching

While we are busy celebrating

I don’t want to forget

To say I love you with a tender feeling

And that my love will be everlasting

I can feel the season warmly glowing

And that’s because I know I will be sharing

A Christmas with someone most loving


4. When it’s Christmas

I think of all the gifts

That bring me great delight and sweet surprise

But nothing in this world can bring such joy

And can mean so much to me

As you do when you look into my eyes


5. No love is truly eternal

As my love for you

My love for you is pure

My love for you is true

Here is my wish only for you

Merry Christmas to you


6. The more I spend time with you

The more my heart yearns for you

I want you to know something

That I truly love you

Merry Christmas


7. Blessed is this season

Blessed is your love

I feel so blessed within

Thanks for coming in my life

And giving me a reason to survive

I love you

Merry Christmas


8. May you have a joyful day

As I am telling you with a silent prayer

I want you to know that you mean a lot

You are there in my every thought

I love you

Merry Christmas


9. Christmas is the time

To touch every heart

With love and care

Since I met you

It feels like celebrating

Christmas all year long


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