9 Important Things That You Need To Know When You’re Taking A Bath!

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p>Taking a bath is probably considered as a “must-do” in your everyday life. But here’s a twist: there are actually a set of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to taking a bath. As crazy as it sounds, ignoring these rules can lead to several issues such as hair fall, dry skin, and even body odors! So before you indulge yourself in that really nice cold shower, you might want to check this out!

1. Stop scrubbing too much
Scrubbing certainly gives the feel of being dirt-free, but here’s a myth buster, the more you exfoliate your skin, the more chances that you’ll ruin it. The top layer of our skin are sensitive, so the more you expose it to scrubbing, the more you’ll surrender your skin to having different infections. Yikes! Make it a habit to only exfoliate once a week!

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2. Clean the scrubber property
You should know, and accept that dipping your scrubber won’t make it clean. Kill your lazy days for just a minute or 2 to give it a good scrub. Imagine, you’re using a dirty old scrubber on your skin that is already being inhabited by different bacteria’s, eew!



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