9 reasons why a woman’s vagina will smell, no 5 will surprise you

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p>The vagina has a distinct smell which is not a problem, as everybody has their own particular vaginal smell that is natural. Whether this natural smell is neutral or not, it is a matter of personal judgment. In fact, some women notice their odor when there is no notable odor detected by others. However, if the odor changes and becomes strongly unpleasant, this change deserves attention because it is perhaps a sign of a serious vaginal infection. If left untreated, this condition may cause not only physiologic problems but also emotional stress which can make the person uncomfortable thinking the odor is detected by others.

Here are 9 reasons you should know cause smelly vag!na so you can stop feeling self-conscious:

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1. Excessive washing: Even if you’re just washing your vag!na with warm water, excessive washing can still mess with the vag!na’s flora, causing an odor.

2. Allergy to c0ndoms: Some women are allergic to certain materials in condoms, which can throw off vaginal bacteria and cause odor.



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