How Color Of Your Menstrual Mood Reveals The Dangerous Changes Inside Your Body!

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Menstrual cycle usually lasts for 6-7 days, causing suffering for many women through menstrual cramps, head aches and mood swings. Amid menstruation, have you ever noticed how the color of your menstrual blood varies?

According to experts, the color of the blood indicates something about your body and how it flows out. Whether it becomes brighter or darker, it is important to know what it indicates and when you should start seeking the help of a gynecologist.

Pink menstrual blood that occurs early or in the middle of menstruation may be troublesome. According to some experts, this may be a sign of early pregnancy, a hormonal disorder or other reproductive organ disease. At this case, it is best to seek the advise of your gynecologist.

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When the blood flow is bright it typically indicates that the blood flowed out of the body rapidly without the time to darken, this usually occurs after a busy day. This case is normal. However when the bleeding lasts longer and the blood flow turns pinkish without fading, it is best to start seeking help from a gynecologist.


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