The Correct and Wrong Ways To Sleep With Your Partner

However, has it ever crossed your mind that there is “right way” to sleep with your partner?

Ladies, keep your hair away from your partner’s face either by tying it or keeping it away to make him feel more comfortable as he drifts off to sleep.

Men, most ladies tend to love the feels of cuddling and cradling in your arms. However, some positions either make it awkward or leaves her with a stiff neck or back pain in the morning. Make her feel comfortable enough to sleep well.

However, if she feels more at ease by sleeping in the far corner of the bed, let her. Make her feel comfortable and avoid sneaking up behind her. This not only assures a peaceful and comfy night for the both of you but a healthy relationship too.

If you have a baby, let the baby sleep in the middle of the bed.

Watch the video below on how to sleep with you partner the RIGHT WAY!


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