Guys Do You Know That Wearing Tight Shorts And These 5 Other Common Things Can Make You Impotent?

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Here are 6 everyday habits that could be killing your sperm cells and affecting your cexual health without you even knowing:


1. Smoking
Smoking adverts usually come with a warning that ‘tobacco smoking is dangerous to health’, many people overlook this warning and still indulge in the habit; what most people don’t know is that in addition to the risk of cancer, smoking also affects your chances of producing healthy sperm and could cause problems in your bedroom performance over time – problems like premature ej@culation and even weak er3ctions.


2. Alcohol consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption is also a habit that can really mess up a man’s cexual and reproductive health. While it may seem like a harmless everyday habit to many, it’s effect on fertility and cexual performance can be saddening.

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