Listen Guys, Women Secretly Hate These Three Foreplay Moves

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FOREPLAY before sex should be a given, but there are certain things that will turn her off immediately.

“Foreplay allows a person to feel sought after, desired and wanted. It also allows a person to desire, want, even need their partner.

“Foreplay represents the part of the sexual script where partners are pleasing one another.

“Learning what feels good, great, even euphoric and learning what does not.

“It is the part of the sexual experience that allows a couple to grow closer and connect on a physical and emotional level.”

Don’t play with foreplay. However, when doing it, make sure you are doing it the right way. To help you, help her, here are three no-nos when it comes to foreplay.

1. Don’t act like it’s a chore

If you give her an obligatory five minutes of foreplay to tick it off your check-list this isn’t enough.

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Foreplay is meant to be pleasurable for both of you so make sure your are time to enjoy it.

If the s*x is going on a little longer than you’d like and she isn’t reaching orgasm don’t be afraid to come back to foreplay for a bit.

Sex doesn’t have to follow set stages – foreplay, sex and after-play.



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