“MMM has refused to match me despite my PH being in millions”

Here’s what a MMM participant shared on nairaland. read below:

I don’t understand the logic behind it but one thing I know is that MMM is not desperate. If MMM was desperate, they would have matched me long ago. I have PHed 3 Million naira and I am waiting patiently to be matched so I can pay immediately.
I believe if MMM was drowning or sinking as the media seem to portray, they would have used the opportunity of those of us that have PHed in large figures to pay up those that GHed in small figures (but it won’t be funny making those bank transactions as the number of people to be paid could be up to 50).
I know so many of my colleagues (over 15) that PHed 500K and above but are waiting patiently to be matched.

So please, everyone should calm down. We were meant to use spare money only.

Below is the screen shot:

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