Serious Commotion as Angry Mob Throws Woman into Raging Fire for Killing 2-year-old Boy (Photos)

A 30-year-old woman suffered serious burns after she was thrown into a bonfire by an angry mob. The woman was said to have allegedly killed a two year old boy when she started a fire that claimed the toddler’s life. The angry mob stormed a police station in Brazil and took her away.
According to Dailymail, the woman was dragged outside after the 500-strong group broke down the doors to her cell.
A five-year-old child, named Marlon Buzaglo Campos, also suffered serious burns in the blaze, Globo reports.
Cars around the police station in Novo Aripuana were set alight, and the suspect was dragged by her hair onto the roaring flames.
Police officers who were overpowered by the crowd had to call for backup during the raid, which saw the woman seriously injured.
Amazonas Civil Police said in a statement: ‘Police reinforcement arrived following the events of this Tuesday.’The Civil Police requested reinforcements from the Military Police Command (CPM), which sent a troop of full military police in Borba, a municipality 151 km away from the capital, and eight other police officers of the Command Special Police (CPE) of Manaus, by means of a chartered aircraft.

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‘On Wednesday members of the Special Rescue and Assault Task Force (Fera) and an expert from the Institute of Criminalistics (IC) began an investigation into the event.’

The lynched woman had been arrested on Monday on suspicion of breaking into and setting fire to a house in which there were seven people inside including three children.

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The woman had been questioned but had not yet been charged before the locals rampaged through the 73rd Interactive Police Department building to find her.
Civil Police said that the suspect had been taken to hospital to receive treatment and would be returned to a new police station with a secret location to avoid further attacks before questioning over the first incident could resume.

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