10 mistakes guys make when texting a lady

The 3 day rule is nonsense, in fact, Dating experts revealed 89% of women want to be first contacted within 48 hours.
So don’t wait until the next day to text a girl, or the day after that. Text her immediately after getting her number – within fifteen minutes after you meet her is good. Even better, text her when you’re right in front of her. It’s witty and romantic.

Also, this way, when you’re fresh in her mind, she’ll remember you right away next time your
number pops up!
She’ll also feel more comfortable about your text interaction with her because you already started texting her when you were with her.
It will remove her anxiety about texting you the next day and means you can start comfort building a lot easier.
“Hey, it was nice meeting you Zainab . Let’s chat soon. (your name).”

  • #2 What’s Your Name Again?

Not typing her name in the first text can make her think you’ve forgotten it. Also using words like “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, etc.
You may think you’re complimenting her but she’ll just think you call all girls “beautiful” or “gorgeous”.
If you gave her a nickname when you met her then that’s fine, but only use nicknames if it’s already an insider joke between the two of you, otherwise it’ll appear like you’ve totally forgotten her.



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