10 things guys do when chasing ladies that they never tell their homies about

Every guy wants to show they are pros when it comes to trying to make a lady fall for them.

The truth is, these pro wannabes do stuff that are just … well let’s say will not look that hardcore when their boys get to hear about it. So they hide them.

No guy will go into a conversation with his boys and be like: “Kw33! Yestee I go wash the girl ihn things all. Her friend thinks she believes I’m the right guy. Ego work out soon”.

No way! They’ll do it but will never talk about it.

Here are all the things guys chasing a lady do but never tell their homies.

1. Sending Mobile Money Low Key

No matter how guys deny this, if the telcos were to release a sent and received report of mobile money transactions like you go see say boys abr3! But none tells their homies they sent some cash via mobile money to that lady who hasn’t said yes yet.

A mobile money transfer outlet in Nairobi, Jamia mall. Picture: Anthony KamauPhoto: Anthony Kamau



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