10 Things Guys Notice About You And You Never Knew They Do (No. 7 Is New)

Men are masters at noticing the ladies. These are certain things they may have noticed about you that you didn’t even know about.

It’s a common belief that guys are not observant and are not tuned in to women, but they notice a lot more than you might realise. You think that some of these things that you do are your little secret, but, they do know about them really. They just don’t let on that they do. Here are ten of those things that you think guys don’t notice:

1. When you are upset

You think that they are being insensitive, when it seems that they don’t even notice you are upset. They probably have noticed either, but they don’t know how to handle it, or they know it’s their fault!

2. When you check your hair

When you see a guy you like and you unconsciously check your hair in a nearby window, not only do the guys notice, but they also get the message!



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