10 ways broke boys constantly treat their girlfriends

Most ladies, if not all, will sneer fulsomely at the thought of going out with a broke guy not because it’s the dream of every girl to date a wealthy guy but because they feel rich guys are less problematic.

As a matter, most broke guys can be sometimes problematic as it requires a lot of patience, endurance and total obedience in order to deal with them in relationships.

Without wasting time, below are the unbearable ways some broke guys usually treat women.

1. He Nags at the mention of Money

The best way a lady can find a way to the heart of a broke guy is to avoid asking him for money. By so doing, the guy will shower her love as he sees her as someone who loves him for whom he is. When a lady demands unnecessarily from him, the guy will see her as a money monger and may be forced to throw punches at her.

2. He only shows love in the Bedroom

They feel buying shakara or pepper soup for their babe is extravagant spending and you hear stuff like *me I can’t waste my money on Mr Biggs. Any lady that can’t eat in my house is not a wife material* Thier only way of showing love and affection to their girlfriends is through their joysticks



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