11 Differences Between Love And Lust

A number of neuroscience studies have shown that lust and love are two different states, where two different parts of the brain are activated. The findings of the Stephanie Cacioppo team at the University of Chicago show that lust and love can mobilize different areas of the brain. When you feel a strong lust towards someone, the area of the posterior insula is activated which is used to control the sensation (such as pain) and when you want to express your love, the anterior island Insula is activated.

According to experts lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy, which dissipates when the real person comes to light. The true personality of a person does not come to light until they have spent at least months in the relationship. So you cannot say you love someone until you really know the whole person. So how can you distinguish between a real relationship and a relationship that can only bring you good orgasms? People usually don’t know the difference between love and lust. To clear your doubts, I will show you the exact difference between these two feelings.


1. Lust is superficial, love is deep

Lust is very close to be desired. Human nature is desiring: barely achieved a goal, you will want to go to the other, one that we have not yet reached. You can lust a lot, but love is not spread wide, but in the deep end. In ten years you may want thousands of things, but it is likely that you only love a few people, with a kind of intensity that it has on rare occasions.


2. Love is stronger than lust

Love doesn’t change depending on how the person was in the day. When you want something, always think that your brain releases dopamine, what gives you the feeling of drunkenness. When you love someone, the feeling is fluctuating, because you can’t always be in the state of drunkenness. For more lows and highs of hormones and chemical imbalances, if you love someone you know that this is strong. If you know how to handle each other well then it is for for life and that the relationship survives till death.



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