12 Reasons Why You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

Are you still single and searching for a partner? Well, here are the main reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend and why women run away from you.

You may be wondering why you can not get a girlfriend, you can be handsome or ugly, but did not manage to get a girl to notice you as her boyfriend. Well, let me first ask you some questions. What is love? What do you know about it? Why do you think people fall in love? And why do you think a girl would fall for you? I’m sure you do not have a clear answer, and that is exactly the central problem.

If a woman or girl meets a man and this man can make her happy, then guess what? She will love him. As simple as that!

Therefore, the secret to having a wife or girlfriend is to provide strong, positive emotions, try to keep her happy whenever you can. You understand it? This is one of the major reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend. It’s not about you as a person. It’s not about your appearance. It is not your money. This is not your intelligence or your successful career. It’s all about what you can do to make her happy.

You can be handsome, but still cannot get a girlfriend, and let me tell you that you must have a specific feature called confidence and charisma. A woman is more comfortable and happier to be in the company of a confident man. A man who can take the initiative. A man who knows what to do and how to do things confidently.

What can you do now? What can you do right now to solve this problem? Actually many things, but let’s focus on those that are simple but effective. If you want a girlfriend or girlfriends you must take seriously the following tips and think about your points of improvement that can get you a girlfriend.

You need to change your beliefs

As you can see, it’s not about you at all, this is how you can make her happy. So do not even think that a woman will love you for your money or not you are going to like it because you have no money. Of course, there are some materialistic women, but most do not. Therefore change those beliefs that do not let you get a girlfriend. Do not feel ugly or useless as this is the belief which is one of the common reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend.

You’re the quiet type

For a woman to notice you must be a social type and open with others. You need not be a popular guy, but someone any girl can have a pleasant and interesting conversation. Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem. Like I said, confidence is the specific feature so most women swoon, so be sure you give you the courage to approach the kind of woman you like, and of course will give you that kind of charm keep them attached to you.




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