3 consequences of masturbation and why it might be a good idea to keep doing it

Mast_urbation might be a popular pastime event to people who choose to admit, but the act itself has pros and cons. Read more for the shocking truths about it.

A study conducted with 5,000 participants both male and female who were aged between 18 and 34 were asked about their ma_sturbation habit.

While it may seem like a purely male act, the females aren’t left out with impressive stats too, 83% of women who partic

Revealed in the study includes that one third of the women said they did it several times a week, and another 12% admitted to doing it every day.

As for the male folks, they didn’t mince words, 94% of the participants said they jerk off, another 60% said they do it several times a week, and 35% do it every day.

Here with 3 side effects of m_asturbation.

1. Disease prevention

Who would have thought that je_rking off can help you prevent disease, this should be legalized with a time table sheet on the bathroom stall in the office for masturbation periods.



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