4 reasons men usually break up with their partners

Not all relationships are made to last. While some end due to the fault of no one, others might end because one partner is not getting what they need from the other.

There are a lot of reasons why a man might choose to end a relationship with a partner but it usually comes down to four basic ones.

1. He felt pressured

Things might be going great and suddenly, the woman begins to pressure the man for one thing or another. It could be for marriage or even for money. Whichever the case, pressure comes with guilt and confusion for a man. These means he is likely to want out of that relationship. Women should avoid putting unfair pressure on their men.


2. He felt disrespected

It is often said that men crave respect the way a woman craves love in a relationship. Both partners crave love and respect but for men, respect takes priority, even more than love. This means she should avoid disrespectful words and show that she values who he is and what he does. He needs to know that she holds him in high regard and respects his opinions, values and things he holds dear.



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