4 Reasons Why Pregnant Lady/Women Needs Have S£X Daily

When one woman is pregnant her body is experiencing various changes. Motherhood is the best experience in every woman’s life. No matter that when they are pregnant they are more stressful, more emotional, they are carrying another life in them, so it can’t be easy.

However, the pregnant women can release stress, and the solution is s3x. A lot of women say that it is not good for the baby to have sex due the pregnancy, but that is so wrong.The experts claim that if you have s3x during pregnancy, it will be the best s3x you ever have. Plus you will strengthen your muscles for labor and delivery.

In addition you will read the good sides of having s3x during the pregnancy.

  1. Reduces pain

Hormones like prolactin, estrogen and progesterone have the power of increasing the blood flow into pelvic area, no exclusion of v2gina. In meanwhile it will also increase the lubrication and senility


  1. Increases intimacy

In this period if you have s2x you will become closer with your partner and your intimacy will be on highest lever. Oxytocin also is known as the bonding hormone and that makes women more trusting and supportive during pregnancy.



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