5 clear signs that shows your boyfriend is THE ONE

Relationships are no walk in the park, granted they can be fun, fulfilling and take us to the highest possible points of feeling, but they can also try the patience of the Biblical Job.

What’s even more challenging is finding the right person to settle down with, as any single person can attest, this is where the true test lies.

In today’s world, there are too many people who have settled with the wrong person for all the wrong reasons either from a lack of choice, or a fear of rocking the boat.

Also, we can get so caught up in chasing hearts and flowers that we forget the little things that truly count.

So, if you’re in a relationship, before you take that plunge, here are 5 sure-fire signs to know he’s THE ONE.

1. They do things they normally won’t do on your account:We’re not talking anything drastic like suddenly shaving off your well-kept afro, it’s the simple everyday things like watching your favourite television show which they absolutely loathe. They do it not exactly because they like it, but because it’s another way of bonding with you. In such an instance, you friend have found a keeper.

2. You share the same values: It’s very important that you share the same values with your partner because ultimately it’s these things that bind you together – a good work ethic, loyalty, a shared interest in humanitarian causes and so forth. It can also be a plus when you share things like background and religion simply because they go a long way in shaping us as individuals.



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