Here are 5 Signs He May Have a Small P£nis

These are signs to know if a man has a small manhood without having to see or touch him to know.

You can now know if that man is really endowed or has a tiny p*nis before you start up a relationship. Use these signs to know so as not to get disappointed.

1. He is the “Relationship Guy”
In some cases, guys with small penises use relationships as crutches. They think that maybe if they are a really, really good boyfriend it will distract from his absentee penis. They take you on shopping sprees, cook you dinner every night, rub your feet and wash your clothes, all in the hopes that he will keep you around. However, he is deemed the “relationship guy” because he is always bouncing from relationship to relationship. Why? Well, let’s be honest. Think about the guy that you just can’t seem to get over. He was good in bed, wasn’t he? Exactly. The guy who is genitally challenged finds it hard to keep the women around.

2. All of His Exes Cheated on Him
Women cheat for one reason: she feels neglected. Either she feels neglected emotionally or sexually, and sometimes if the s*x is good enough, the emotional factor can be omitted. After talking to a new suitor and you realize that all of his stories about his exes involve being cheating on, you may just be talking to a “Small Dick Tracy.” You’ll know if he has a really small ‘wang‘, if not only did she cheat on him, but with his best friend! Whether that is true or not, if all his exes cheated on him in the past, that definitely poses as a red flag.



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