These are 5 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Money on Right Now

Sometimes we waste too much money on things we really do not need and then end up totally broken financially. These are certain things you need to think twice before you spend money on.

Is it really worth buying that lottery ticket? Are you sure those overpriced things you can’t really afford will improve your life?

1. Lottery tickets

Yes, there have been people who have won the lottery – we’re not denying that. But winning the actual jackpot is about a one in 24 435 180 chance. You may waste a lot of money on extra tickets – but this doesn’t improve your odds very much.

2. Clothes that cost more than your groceries

I know. It’s not easy to say no to yourself when you see that new pair of shoes or outfit. But, before you do, consider the following: do you need the item of clothing in your life right now? Is it an investment piece that you’re going to wear more than once? No one is saying that you shouldn’t treat yourself or spoil yourself with a gorgeous item or two, but do your research about trends – shop smartly, never on impulse!



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