5 Tricks Desperate Nigerian Women Use to Trap Men Into Marriage £xposed…No.4 is Epic!

Photo used for illustrative purposes only

Irrespective of the way you see marriage, there are a lot of women who will go the extra mile to get what they want and who will never accept NO for an answer.

Photo used for illustrative purposes only
Photo used for illustrative purposes only

The society has placed a burden on a lot of Nigerian women so much so that they make them feel incomplete until they are married and in a man’s house. While this shouldn’t be acceptable in the world of today, it is something a lot of Nigerians hold dear due to cultural and traditional norms.

The moment a woman gets to a certain age, there are high expectations from friends and family for them to get married. Parents expect you to get married and give them grandchildren while all your friends see you as the only one left and repeatedly tell you that it’s time for you to get married which makes you feel left out.

This results in a lot of women becoming desperate to get married and fit into the expectations of the society. Furthermore, this causes women to go the extra mile to lie and trick available men into marriage.

Below are some of the lies and tricks women employ to lead men into marriage when they get desperate.

1. The ‘I’m A Virgin’ card
Believe it or not, some men still have a warped mindset and want to get married to virgins. When some women realise this, they simply claim to be virgins to deceive such men into believing they are one. Women that do this are smart enough to refuse having sex with such men until they make a marriage commitment saying that they are saving their virginity for the man they love.

2. Obeying And Doing Everything The Man Wants
Some Nigerian women know that a lot of men want women that are obedient and hardworking. These ladies will never argue or nag no matter what the man says or asks. These type of women would clean, wash and cook for the man every single time that these actions are required.

The minute a man gets tricked into marrying this type of women, they show their true selves. That is when such men realise that the obedience and hardworking mien put up by such women is nothing but a facade.



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