5 Unique Ways People Show Affection in Eastern Nigeria

People from the eastern part of Nigeria are a very interesting set of people with a really rich culture and history. They have unique ways of doing things including the display of affection.
The eastern part of Nigeria, largely dominated by people from the Igbo tribe, is a unique place to visit or live in.
Aside from serene environs stretched over the area and the generally low cost of living, there is a profound exhibition of culture and deep respect for customs and tradition; and this affects how the locals interact and relate with others around the country and world at large.
Basically, people living in the eastern area are far more emotionally reserved than their counterparts in the Western or Northern parts of the country and some visitors find this disconcerting.
The truth, however, is that they can actually be both affectionate and demonstrative when it comes to showing affection, though, they may not show it in the way that is expected.
To help visitors looking to understand the lifestyle of these people, Jumia Travel reveals 5 unique ways people in eastern Nigeria show affection.
1. Hail with praise names and titles 
A very common way people in the eastern parts of Nigeria, especially Aba and Owerri, show affection is by hailing the person with fancy titles and praise phrases. Some of the popular appellations include Chief, Oga, odum, Eze e.t.c. They also use phrases that tend to exalt the person being referred to, such as “onye Isi” meaning “the main man”, “Nwoke ukwu” meaning “Big guy”.
2. Brag about the person 

Another way they show affection is by bragging to others about the person or about something the person did or is going to do. Usually, when they start to brag, they first make sure  the person is within earshot, so the person knows they are favored or loved. Parents usually do this a lot with their kids rather than just hug them or share such emotional words as “I love you” and more.



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