6 Places to Propose to Your Girlfriend In Lagos

Proposal. Will You Marry Me? It’s high point for most ladies, and always look forward to the day a guy will pop that question. Their hearts melt when the guy goes on his kneels, and brings out the ‘ring’.. They lose control of the moment, as it signals a new phase in the relationship – which on most occasions lead to marriage. But not only the ring and question that excites the lady, but also the place where it is held and the arrangement in place. Surprise cannot be separated from proposal. In fact, it’s what adds juice to it. Lagos has some nice spots for lovers to hang out. Some of them are perfect stops for proposal. They include:

1. Where You First Met: You may have met who you are in love with online, or communicated over time on phone, but it is very romantic to propose to her at your first meeting. Let her know your intentions before you guys part ways. Don’t dull.


2. Amazon Spur, Victoria Island: If you want your lover to forever keep memories of your proposal, take her to Amazon Spur in Victoria Island. The staff will also join you to celebrate the engagement proposal – you only need to inform them of your intention. They will wow you! The lady can never deny you the proposal with their package. The scenery offers an extraordinary blend of nature and and romance. What are you waiting for?



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