6 things that men do that is a total turnoff during S£x

When making love with your partner, you want to be able to feel like you are getting the best out of your romp session but some actions or inaction’s before that can ruin your chances.

Here are six wrong things men do before bed and what to do about them.

1. Getting drunk

This is usually the go-to move for some men. Perhaps because they want to feel more confident or less inhibited, some men down a few bottles of alcohol before having [email protected]:’. A lot of men have reported that they perform less satisfactorily when drunk. Even science backs this theory. Stay away from too much booze before [email protected]:’ to have a better time in bed.

2. Disregarding protection

If you know you have an active [email protected]:’ life, it is important to carry protection with you. A woman will be easily turned off if you come unprepared. You are a man and this makes you the responsible one. Women are not comfortable carrying around condoms in their purses.

Condom put on pink jeans pocket.
Condom put on pink jeans pocket.



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