8 foods that can help your S£X life

In other to be healthy, some foods have been marked as healthy and others not good for optimal health. When it comes to bedroom affairs, there are some foods that are known to provide energy and positive flow of blood in the body.

You must have read or seen some food, but according to research, here are some food that will help you be better in bed. They’ve been proven to be accurate, reports Nick Dimengo for FHM


1. Dark Chocolate
This has always been rumored to be good for S#X, this has been safely backed by science to be completely true. What dark chocolate does is to stimulate the arousing senses because it contains amino acid which is a natural S#X enhancer. It will help with the blood flow to the S#Xual organs for better sensation.


2. Honey

Honey helps improve S#Xual potency especially the one extracted from the aphrodisiac flowers such as orchid and jasmine. It can also help with low libido, it is advised for men to drip some on their food, not only will it make the food tastier but also make you better in bed. It contains boron which helps with testosterone levels, provides the sugar your body needs for high performance.



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