8 Simple Reasons Why You should Start Swimming

Want a healthier, fitter, and all-around leaner body? Then it’s time to dive into a comprehensive workout regime that builds your cardio, sculpts your core, and allows you to tap into some pool-side fun all at the same time.

Swimming is a marvelous way to get fit, meet new people, and achieve the top fighting form you’ve been looking for. Though the benefits of a dip in the pool are often obvious habitual swimmers, there are still athletes out there who consider swimming to be child’s play when compared to lifting weights and pushing steel at the gym. The truth is, swimming is actually a rigorous and effective workout, ideal for building lean muscle and drowning unwanted calories.

Who has not seen Rocky III? Apollo Creed had Rocky swim lap after lap. If Rocky can do it, so can you! Swimming is amazing for the body and soaks up calories like nothing else.

In the following, we’ll cover just some of the reasons why you should consider jumping into the pool, just as summer starts to draw closer. It does not have to be a pool either. Find a fresh water lake, or a small river, or even the ocean and go for it!

1. Balance Your Build

8 Simple Reasons Why You should Start Swimming

Looking for a way to balance your workout and reap the rewards across your entire body? Swimming is ideal for building upper pectorals, glutes, calves, and arms. What’s more, the limited amount of oxygen that your body has access to helps to boost your heart rate, so that you work harder to keep afloat.

In other words, you get a killer workout, without feeling it as much as you might on dry land. What’s more, swimming builds longer, leaner muscles that offer a perfect complement to the denser, shorter muscles that are developed through weight training.



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