These are 8 Things Women Wish You Would Do to Her During S£X

It is a widely accepted notion that women enjoy s*x much more than men do and crave for it often. These are some things ladies secretly want men to do to them during s*x.

No one wants to have boring s*x, so bone up on these top tips if your loving is a bit lame.


If you feel like you’re just going through the motions when it comes to getting down and dirty, it’s time to inject some spice back into your s*x life.


A recent study asked ladies to spill their thoughts on what makes a guy good in bed and a whopping 96% said they want a man to dominate in the bedroom.


Experimentation was also deemed as “very important”, with 86% revealing they wouldn’t be impressed if a guy stuck to missionary.


We spoke to s£xual health expert Samantha Evans, co-owner of Jo Divine, about how couples can get frisky if you feel like your relationship is flat-lining.


In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Samantha shared her top tips on how to be more adventurous in bed.


1. Role play


Try acting out different roles which turn your partner on and vice versa. Experiment with what works for you.


Meeting your husband at the door dressed in a s£xy tight skirt, blouse, stockings and heels will soon ignite his flame.


Tell each other what makes you tick and what turns you on.


You may be pleasantly surprised at what your partner fantasizes about. Role play enables you to connect s£xual fantasies with reality.


2. Switch positions


There’s more to s*x than the Missionary position. Find that special move that is just right for both of you – you may be surprised at how different and better s*x can feel in this position.


Being on top is extremely pleasurable for many women, allowing deeper penetration and access to your clitoris and will excite your partner too.


Rather than lying back and letting him do all the work, release your inner s*x kitten and dominate your partner, you might like it and I’m sure your partner will love it.


Tell him what you are going to do, where and how and ask him if he has any specific requests he has always fantasized about (he needs to be realistic with his requests).




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