You Shouldn’t Expect Me To Cook When I Provide For The House.. – Actress Ronke Oshodi

Actress Ronke Oshodi

Actress Ronke Oshodi

Popular Yoruba actress, Ronke Oshodi has opened up on why most marriages fail these days. In an interview with Broadway TV, According to her, a marriage cannot work if the woman is the one taking care of the finance of the home like paying the utility bills, providing the school fees of the children, food and other important things, the marriage cannot work. In her words:
That is what is trending now and do you know why it is like that? It is because we are exposed. Everyone wants to work. Everyone wants to earn money. Thirty or forty years ago, it was our fathers that were earning money. Ladies don’t really use to go to universities. They were like if I go to a university, no one would marry me again. My father used to say that he can never marry a graduate. He used to tell me he cannot marry a nurse. But now, I would bring 50, the man would bring 50 or I would bring 70 the man would bring 30 or he would bring 70, I would bring 30 because we have to work hand in hand. So how do you think we can sustain the marriage. It is not going to work. It is not because we don’t want to really be in our husband’s house or that we are not submissive enough, it is not just going to work. I am going to pay the NEPA bill, I would provide foodstuff if you don’t have, I would pay the school fees if you don’t have, I would do some certain things if you don’t have. And then you would now come and expect me to cook for you or come and meet food when you come back home, it is not going to work. It is not just going to work.


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