My Boyfriend Masturbates and Forces Me to Have S*x with Other Men

A woman is in serious dilemma as she has been left torn after her boyfriend convinced her to have s*x with another man while he watched.
I had s*x with a guy I had only just met at a swingers’ club while my boyfriend sat there and watched. I only did it to please him.
I’m 37 and have been with my boyfriend for nearly two years. He is 41 and a very sexual guy. He kept on and on at me to go swinging with him. He said I didn’t know what I was missing.
It’s not at all my sort of thing but I took a deep breath as we walked in and decided to go for it, as I didn’t want him to be unhappy with me.
A guy chatted to me at the bar and suggested we go into a side room, so I agreed and my boyfriend followed us.
He got off on it — very obviously so — but I was going through the motions really. I was too nervous and the thought of it still makes me feel ashamed. My boyfriend was so pleased with me afterwards but I know I should be stronger.
I was weak to let him pressure me into going to that club. I’m so needy it’s embarrassing and I tolerate him behaving in ways I know I shouldn’t accept.
He has s*x with his ex and with others as well as with me.
He says he uses a condom and that it means he isn’t cheating on me — that it’s no different from using a s*x toy.
I know that’s rubbish and yet I don’t stand up to him.
Deep down, I know he’s not treating me well but I can’t walk away. The two years we have been together is the longest that any man has stayed with me, as they usually leave after just a few months together.
I have a beautiful daughter who I brought up alone. She’s 19 and I love her to bits. I know that if she were in a relationship like this, I would be telling her to walk away fast.



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