Couples! See the 5 most critical periods during which marriages are likely to break

Crises take place in any long relationships. It’s human, and there’s nothing frightening in it. Just don’t panic and try your best to keep relationship work. We will tell you about the key periods when you need to work quite a bit in order to avoid the crisis.

1-2-year crisis


It’s a dangerous time. The couple faces a lot of changes in the first two years. Stable relationship seems to cool down the heat and passion between partners. Some think, this is the end of love, and they couldn’t be more wrong. In this moments you should think of yourself as a strong couple, and learn to live together. The most important thing is to give your partner enough personal space. The birth of a baby can bring about new conflicts, but remember that you are a couple. Try to find support in each other.

3-4-year crisis


In this period, partners seem to be too much into each other. As a result, they try to return to their old ways. It’s nothing but fear. Be yourself! It was the thing that attracted your partner. Don’t give up your aspirations in order to stay in a marriage.

Besides, most couples become parents in this period, which means new roles and duties. Share them, help each other and enjoy living together.



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