Erm, wait is Beverly Osu now into women? Shares video of herself kissing her ‘girlfriend’ (photos)

I was just minding my business on instagram when I stumbled on a video former BBA Housemate Beverly Osu shared. I initially thought it was two girls who are friends fooling around but then I watched the video again…hmmm! They are kissing, holding each other intimately, telling each other they are gorgeous and Beverly said something about being in love makes one happy and happiness makes one look more beautiful. Then she referred to the lady as her girlfriend. Am I reaching or is Beverly now into women?

See the exclusive photos below-

Holding each other intimately…

She’s checking the girl out after the girl told her she’s gorgeous

Then she calls her ‘my girlfriend’

Anyone know who the girl is? May be it’s nothing…lol!!!!!!!!!!


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