How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

When it comes to having a baby, some women have their heart set on a particular s£x. Some women dream of holding a sweet little girl all in pink in their arms and really do not want to just let Mother Nature take its natural course. There are some ways that a woman can get pregnant with the little girl she has always wanted.

Stay Away From Apples:

Apples contain ingredients that are good for the body, but bad for the body if you are trying to have a baby girl.

Apples make the vagina more alkaline, which can kill off the sperm that carry the X chromosome.

Apples also have a lot of potassium in them, which will can also destroy the sperms that create little girls.
Eat More Eggs:

The vagina PH can be more neutral or more acidic. The more acid there is in the vag!na, the more likely that the male sperm will be destroyed.

Female sperm are stronger than male, and eating eggs will make the vag!na PH more acidic.



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