GUYS! 10 Best Ways to Win a Woman’s Heart

Woman are indeed choosy when picking up the right guy to be with. You know what boys? A real woman wants a man, not a boy. She wants someone who will respect her, love her and accept her. So here are some tips for you to win a woman’s hearts:

1. Be respectful.
Yes! It’s the best ‘pogi’ points you can do. Whenever you guys respect her, you are definitely treating them like a princess.

2. Be nice to her friends.
Oh, well! Being nice to her friends or even close with them will surely capture a woman’s heart especially when she sees you being attached with her ‘BFFs’.

3. Be true to yourself.
If the one you love is really a grown up woman, she can accept you for who you are. Well, it’s better to show who you really are, so you can know if she’s the right girl for you.

4. Be funny.
Yes. Don’t you ever make her feel bored whenever she’s with you.

5. Be attentive.
Every time she wants to talk with you, please be attentive or else, she might find you stupid.



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