Guys! 5 tips to help you snap the perfect d!ck pic

We know you do it or think about doing it, here is a good guide to follow to avoid annoying her

When you’ve got a good junk, and this can only be good if ladies compliment you about that, not because you feel like its really decent looking. There is always the tendency to share it, just like that fine girl that change their display picture on WhatsApp or BBM five times in one day.

I have always advocated for sending d.!ck pictures only when they’re solicited, as in, the lady asked for it. It’s very rude to send someone dirty pictures they didn’t ask to see.

Now that we’ve gotten the protocol out of the way. You’re both excited to share private pictures, just like how you take say 5 pictures and delete 4 to save just one because it’s the best, same things apply to taking d.!ck pictures, they’re some things you need to have in mind before you whip out your [email protected] and start taking the pictures.

Here are 5 things to consider as compiled by Sean Abrams, Elite Daily

1. You’ll need your hands

I know it’s a d.!ck picture but you’re going to need other parts of your body in there as well. Feel free to use your hand to guide the posture you want the d.!ck to be in, if there is a certain angle that gives your tool the best impression, use your hand to achieve that.

2. Shave down there

Just like how you groom yourself before taking a regular pic, you also need to groom yourself down there. From personal experience, ladies love a well-groomed guy down there, so do yourself a favour and cut your pubic hair, moreover, it makes you d.!ck look big. A bald head will probably appear bigger than a head full of hair.



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