Guys! Check out these 3 insanely easy ways to make a girl fall for you

Some people are born knowing the act of seduction, some grow into it and others learn this skill. It’s not enough to look handsome or [email protected]:’y, your style and carriage have to be enchanting to make people fall for you.

Winning a girl’s heart might seem hard in the beginning but once you have a foot in the door, the rest pretty much works itself out. The mistake most guys make is thinking every girl wants you to shower her right away with expensive gifts and take her on expensive dates while that might fetch you a gold digger, it is not the way to go with that special girl you’ve been eyeing.

A girl who is worth your time and your heart is one who would pay attention to you when you start doing the right things that make her heart smile. If you are thinking she’s way out of league or too pretty for you, remember there are ugly men who date the most beautiful girls.

Here are healthy ways to flirt with a girl that will make her fall for you.


1. Don’t overdo it

Desperation is unattractive to everyone. Let your intention be known but don’t shower with unwanted attention that will make her feel caged by you. Play it cool.



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