Guys, Between “Your EX or 1 Bag Of Rice” – Which Are You Gonna Pick?

Today, I was discussing with some old friends while seated outside and enjoying the cool breeze…..

Then a friend was narrating to us how his EX Girl committed some atrocities while they were dating and how the supposed relationship finally hit the rock.

Another of our friend told us about his own story and how his own relationship also ended.

The truth is girls of nowadays are not holy and if you know you want to be happy, you seriously need to be stone hearted else you might develop heart attack if your girl start pulling some act on you.

I threw this question to my friends and they all ended up choose 1 Bag of Rice 😂 instead of their EX.

Now, am throwing this Question at you all on Naijaloaded 👇

Between “Your EX or 1 Bag Of Rice” – Which Are You Gonna Pick?


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