Check Out What Women Wants… Short or Long P£n!s, Which Provides Most S£xual Satisfaction?

Some Nige-rian women have responded to a survey that seeks to know their choices in the area of sizes of manh00d for s£xual purposes.

The size of a man’s s£xual organ, the pnis, may not be the only part of the body that can determine the ability of a man to s£xually satisfy a woman, a survey by a news Agency has shown.

While the length of a p£nis could help in making s£xual inter-course pleasurable in some persons, that could not be the sole determinant in assuring pleasures during an inter-course.

Those who spoke in separate interviews with NAN in Lagos on Sunday, noted that s£xual satisfaction could depend on the skills and psychological disposition of both partners. According to them, there are other parts of the body that can be exploited to help a woman to derive pleasures in s*xual int£rcourse. These could include fore plays, that play vital roles in helping a women to reach orgasm.

The respondents believe that reaching orgasm was a climax during s*xual intercourse between a man and woman. According to Word-web, an online dictionary, [email protected] is the moment of the most intense pleasure in s£xual intercourse. Dr Oriola Idris, a gynecologist of the White Waters Hospital, Lagos, said the size of pen!s had no physical effect on female s£xual satisfaction.

“S£xual pl£asures for the female folks do not depend on the size of the man’s pen!s. It depends on a man’s individual skills; we have seen men who have very long and big pen!s and yet unable to perform well in bed.

“Research has shown that men with s£xual skills, but with relatively small sized pen!s can also provide good s£xual satisfaction to any lady’’.

Another gynaecologist, Dr Julia Anyanwu said a woman could derive s*xual satisfaction or reach orgasm from the different £rogenous zones of her body.

“The p*nis is not the only part of the body that can help a woman to achieve [email protected] A woman can achieve orgasm from so many different sensitive areas of her body.

“The man is expected to work together with his partner to explore these £rogenous zones.

“So, achieving s£xual satisfaction is not only about the length or width of the pen!s but also about what and how you utilize what you have been endowed with,’’ Anyanwu said.

Dr Kunle Adejumo, an urologist said: “studies show that during s£xual int£rcourse, the width of the p*nis at the base may be more stimulating to the clitoris.

“A wide pen!s may therefore, satisfy a woman better but then other factors that also come into play’’.

According to Dr Kelechi Ahuchogu, a psychologist, the pen!s is usually seen as the sign of masculinity in men in different cultures. “It is because of this reason that the size of the p*nis helps to boost the male psychology. In s£xual plays, a lot of things come into play; for some woman, the width matters more than the length.

“Then, emotions, environment, skills and healthiness contribute to whether there will be s£xual satisfaction or not,’’ Ahuchogu added.

Mr Dare Odubela, an administrative officer in a Lagos-based hospital said that posturing during s£xual int£rcourse had a role to play in the satisfaction of a woman. “I believe that posturing during s*x has roles to play in getting a woman to achieve orgasm’’.

Mr Titus Anozie, a Lagos-based technologist said: “s£xual intercourse and satisfaction are more psychological than physical.

“Some people have big pen!s and do not know how to use it to provide pl£asures to a woman. Some even end up using the fat size to hurt their female partners.

“Sometimes it depends on a woman as some can achieve [email protected] by merely looking into the eyes of a man that they have emotions for’’.

According to Mrs Ola Badamosi, a Lagos-based marketing consultant, the size of a pen!s is important in deriving s£xual satisfaction. She said that a small sized p*nis might not be able to penetrate deep into a woman to provide her the required aro-usal needed for orgasm to take place.

Another respondent, Mrs Mary Isaac, a 33 –year-old banker said that a lady’s first experience could also have a lot to play in deriving s£xual pleasures.

“If a lady is deflowered with a small manh00d, she tends to derive her satisfaction from small p£n!s and not the long sized ones.

“A female that has gone through s£xual abuse can also find s£xual inter-course distasteful. Even, a lady that has had circumcision may not find pleasures in having int£rcourse’’. This, she notes, can be attributed to the removal of a vital component of a womans s£xual organ, the cl!tor!s that helps a woman to achieve full or father s£xual pleasures.

A Lagos-based Lawyer, Mr Idowu Martins said: “I have a small manh00d and I am not afraid to say it; I am very good in the bed and that is a fact. My wife enjoys our love making’’.

A trader, known simply as Mrs Ibrahim said: “my husband has it long p£n!s but still unable to make me feel like a woman; I feel so sad about it.

“He is usually through within two minutes. If a man has it small and can utilize it, then it’s okay’’.

Mr Niyi Iyanu, a traditional healthcare attendant said, having a small pen!s could really be a major concern for some men but a good psychological disposition could enhance s£xual performance. “He said those who have small pen!s and cannot perform well in bed should seek expert advice from physicians or psychologists’’.

Mr Olusola Malomo, a dietician at the Massey Hospital, Lagos suggested that those deficient in s£xual activity could seek for some foods that could help to boost their s£xual performance. “Some foods can be beneficial. These are foods that can enhance s£xual performance because of their components”.

He listed them to include watermelon, garlic, ginseng, lemon, ginger, avocado pear, oysters, grain of paradise, alligator pepper and pomegranate seeds. As many experts noted, the size of pen!s may not satisfy all the s£xual desires of a woman, but appropriate manipulations could prove successful in fulfilling the s£xual desires of a woman.


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