Hey Ladies: These Are 7 Items You Should Keep In Your Handbag For Quickies… Take Note!!!

As s£xually liberated and experimental as I am, I’ve never really been too keen on the idea of having quickies.

The thought of being intimately touched after a hectic day at the office – I have to admit actually kills my mood.


Don’t get me wrong, this in no way is an attack on those of you who thrive of the thrill of being spontaneous.

When it comes to s£x I’m open minded and will try new ideas in the bedroom at least once however I do have one cardinal rule: personal hygiene is the key that unlocks the freak in me.

Below is a list of items every women should carry in her handbag in case an opportunity to be service unexpectedly presents itself.

  1. Condoms: I recommend Durex Pleasure max ribbed and dotted texture to not only stimulate both parties but for protection as well.
  2. Orgasm enhancing sensitizing gel is an absolute must! It has forever altered the feeling of having an orgasm.

The cooling, warming and tingling feeling will drive you insane and the explosion you’ll feel at the end will leave you satisfied for days.



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