My Husband Wants to Kill Me with S£x…What Do I Do?

A woman is running away from her bedroom because of her husband’s appetite and use of drugs for s*x.
A woman has revealed that because of her husband’s desire for ‘too much’ s*x, she has started doing something unbelievable to stop him before he kills her.
Read the story as shared by Cynthia Valerian Raphaels.
My husband feeds on v!agra a lot and it’s not helping me, I am even running away from my bedroom, don’t even know what to do. I told him he is young and shouldn’t be feeding his body with such but it looks am talking to a deaf ear.
Honestly, I have learnt to drug him to sleep sometimes through drinks he normally take at night so I can have my piece. When this started I was asking myself what kind of man has the strength of a horse, not knowing he is on v!agra.
My friend helped me out with some sleeping drugs. I know that is not good, but whenever he takes those medicine, he handles me like a bitch. The day I persuaded him to have it natural he lasted 30 minutes but I never mind, I enjoyed it.
Please, since 9 years of marriage he has been on this drug, I thought it was his normal strength till I on found out 3 years ago and I am not finding it funny at all. What help can you offer me please? He is 43 years.


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