Ladies! 3 ways to know that you are not the only one enjoying him

When it comes to cheating if your guts are telling you something is not right, chances are you are right. However, in order to be sure you are not just in full paranoia mode, it is wise to consider the signs that tell if he is looking another way. Carefully watching out for the signs will let you know where your relationship stands.

Men are smart creatures but not so smart. It is hard to tell when a man is getting it somewhere else but it s not impossible. A man that is getting  his manh00d taken care of by another woman will show some certain signs that may  appear number because of how he lies about it but be careful not to fall a victim of a cheating relationship.

1. He keeps working late

Man working late

If he suddenly starts working late then it is a clear sign he might be getting somewhere else. If he, however, explains he is working on a project at work and there is evidence he is not just staying away for something else then it is fine. Anything outside of this is a red sign and you should start praying.



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