Ladies! 3 ways to make your husband hard in seconds

A marriage is one of the longest relationships we have as humans. The bond is meant to be till death separates the couples so this means they will be together for a long time.

After the honeymoon phase will come the reality and couples can get bored or stuck in a rut. All the [email protected]:’ positions ma have been exhausted and [email protected]:’ will then become a chore.

To switch it up, women could try different things that will get their husband excited again. Once you try on of these things, he can never say no to your [email protected]:’ call.

Here are three fast and sure ways to put your husband in the mood:

1. New lingerie

Your husband may have seen your body a thousand times but the packaging can make it more exciting. New and sexy lingerie will excite him and his body won’t be able to resist.

2. Try a new routine

To get out of your rut, try something new. It may be watching [email protected] together or role playing but switch things up and find which excites him more. You will be surprised how your husband will go back to being a lion in bed.



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