Let us make Akanimo Ekanem smile again

Akanimo Ekanem was bubbling with life and well set for life as a footballer until he was struck with abdominal cancer. He now needs our help fast.

This young lad, Akanimo Ekanem, was full of life with a great future laid ahead of him when he was struck with abdominal cancer that is threatening to snatch him away from his family and loved ones.

Akanimo who is only 10-years-old, is currently undergoing painful chemotherapy, according to his worried father, Sunday Ekanemhas had two surgical operations so far to remove the tumour but the pains from the tumour and intestinal cramps have been unbearable for him.

Now, his family has come out in the open seeking financial assistance and prayers for public-spirited Nigerians to make the brilliant boy get well and get back to life.

A family friend has, therefore, sent this passionate appeal to kind-hearted Nigerians to help young Akanimo get back to his feet:

“Dear Nigerians, we are sending this passionate appeal to you all for help and prayers to help put back the smile on Akanimo’s face.

Akanimo is such a sweet, easy-going child and very intelligent and compassionate. Until one month ago, he was like every other 10-year old. He loved football which is the main sport in Nigeria.

Let’s help Akanimo Ekanem realize his dreams of playing for Nigeria


He would watch matches with his Dad, play football with his cousins at every chance. He also belongs to a football academy and has played in a few competitive games with other similar academies.

It seemed somewhat surreal that a few days earlier, he was running around as a defender on a football pitch and then suddenly, he is diagnosed with abdominal cancer!

His bowels became obstructed from the reach of the cancer. He has had two surgical operations to remove the tumour. The pain from the tumour and intestinal cramps have been debilitating but his doctors are working hard at it.

You see, no one could have expected this. Who takes her child to the clinic on a complaint of stomach ache and would, even in their wildest imagination, expect to see a mass staring back at them from the ultrasound screen?


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