Message To Guys Who Patronize Sugar Mummies

I’m writing on this topic due to the numerous text messages and e-mails I get from readers asking me to link them up with sugar mummies. Guys, I want to state categorically that I don’t get involved in such messy deals. Why would a young man, instead of thinking and working for a better future, decide to live his life under the cover of a woman who does nothing but use him to satisfy her sexual urge?

I just pity girls who are so much after material things and fame without getting to know the stuff the man is made of. When you drive to all the big club houses in town, you see our so called big boys who are nothing but fools!!.. They throw the biggest parties in town, they keep the prettiest girls, they live in posh apartments, they have their class when it comes to cars and designer wears.

Guys, you know what? That is all they do with the allowance from sugar mummy. All these guys specialize in is dating old women, not because they are in love with them, but because they want to become intimacy gadgets, just to achieve their goals.

When you look at the corporate settings, you see some guys who are the female MD’s pets. These ones come to work whenever they like, they leave the office whenever they like, and they insult the manager at every slight provocation. They go against all the laid down rules of the company. But what do they get at the end of the day? Promotion instead of a query or sack letter. Some of them do it the good boy way. They become too committed to their job; they close late and are always the last to leave the office.

You are only looking for a sugar mummy because you see yourself as a failure in life. It is a shameful thing for a man to sell his pride just to become great. It is not worth it my guy. These sugar mummies will give you all the good things but not without the full dose of pain that comes with them.

You are happy now that unlike your fellow drivers and stewards, madam has rented a very fine apartment for you. She comes there when you are off duty just to have you waste your God-given substance. Nonsense!! Your day of pain is coming.



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