MMM ‘Crash’ Victim Asks EFCC How Safe New Ponzi Scheme, NNN is… The Reply He Got Will Crack You Up

The official Twitter account of the Economics and Financial Crimes Commission has gotten people cracked up after giving a reply to a man’s enquiry about NNN.

The official twitter account of the EFCC is known to be creatively hilarious when giving answers to many of its followers who have questions to ask.
Over time, twitter users have come to love the twitter handle as it cordially relates with them every day.
Recently, a man who was undecided about how safe it was to join a popular ponzi scheme in Nigeria, NNN, thought it wise to ask EFCC on twitter about the scheme.
Below is what he tweeted
The EFCC, in its usual hilarious decided to give the man an answer he will not forget in a hurry.
Social media users have been left reeling in laughter by the answer. Many have even asked that whoever was operating the EFCC Twitter handle be given an award for his creativity.


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