Mr Beautiful finally reveals why he left Kumawood

Popular Ghanaian actor and staunch supporter of the opposition NDC party, Clement Bonney popularly known as Mr. Beautiful has opened up on why he no longer features in Kumawood movies.

It can be recalled that for the love of politics, Mr Beautiful abandoned his movie craft entirely, devoting his time and resources to backing former President John Mahama in his quest for a second term in government.

Unfortunately, former president Mahama lost the election, rendering the actor with no option than to declare his intention to go back to the industry that made him popular.

Interestingly, the actor had been boycotted by the movie producers because of his open campaign for the ex-President, especially in the stronghold of the then opposition – Ashanti Region; where Kumawood reigned.

The producers indicated that he was no longer a selling force in the Kumawood sector because the region had lost interest in him.

But speaking on the ‘Delay Show’, Mr Beautiful, opening folders on why he hasn’t been in the limelight for over two years said ‘It is language that has sided me. It is never about politics’.

He explained that ‘the Kumawood producers wanted me to speak Asante Twi and I said no. I will stick to speaking Fante.’

Adding to the matter, Mr beautiful indicated that ‘the producer in-charge of writing subtitles for Kumawood movies also confirmed he couldn’t understand the Fante language’ reason he backed out of the industry.

According to Mr Beautiful, he believes Kumawood is dead and the producers are to be held responsible.

“Where are the local movies now? The cameramen can advise producers and they won’t listen. The excitement in the movie industry is dead. Some of them are just tomato sellers and they migrated into the movie industry…” he said.

Nevertheless, asked if he had retired from the movie industry, he said: “My happiness is the camera. I am learning wisdom. I don’t want to just act. I don’t want to continue as just an actor. I have lots of scripts. I want to do lots of things before I come out. I have not retired from shooting movies! How can I retire?” he queried.


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