Nigerian Lady Undergoes Massive Hips And Bum Implants (See Photos + Video)

I never knew that the implants thing has caught up big time with Naija [email protected] Recently I met this lady that knocked my socks off with massive hips, bo*bs and bum. My drooling took me to check out her Instagram page and what I discovered shocked me.
On investigation, I found that she has two Instagram accounts, one seemingly not used for a while. While it was the same super intriguing face, nearly the same boobs, the sizes of the bum differed so much that I could only scream implants!!! From nearly a flat bu m and almost non existent hips, my lady had gone to have the b!ggest behind in the world. What the hell happened? shocked shocked shocked
Not satisfied I checked out her videos and it confirmed it, her big behind was all there twerking and grinding. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Please, is it natural for a flat assed woman to suddenly develop the world’s largest bum or could this be implants?
Check out the video and photos below:



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