Photo Of The Day Seun Kuti chilling like a boss

Seun Kuti stuns for our photo of the day.

He is a cool guy, his kind of music reminds you of the generation and family he comes from, Seun Kuti is our photo of the day.

On our photo of the day, Seun Kuti looks all laid back and pretty excited. He shows us that apart from rendering amazing music, he too can be a relaxed and easy going buddy.

We all know that Seun Kuti just like his late father and music legend, Fela Kuti is not just a talented musician but a die-hard activist and social commentator. During one of his usual post on Instagram, Seun Kuti talked about Nigerian youths being active in the political protest.

In a lengthy Instagram post he shared on Sunday, November 5, 2017, he stated his belief in political resistance as the way forward. “This form of resistance is such that aims at resisting against all elements of political enslavement and underdevelopment which promotes confusion and deepens poverty amongst the Motherland masses which seize the opportunity of the movement to politically exploit our people both nationally and internationally,” he wrote.

Seun Kuti has never been shy about speaking up against the ills and problems facing Nigeria and calling out our various leaders when they fail to deliver the evidence of democracy they promise the populace.


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